Llamedos Farm

Llamedos Farm is a micro holding based in Trimsaran, where my partner and I, along with our two children, produce firewood, eggs, veg, honey, pork and lamb which is sold locally. We try and manage the land in as sustainable a way as possible with minimal digging.


Limited availablity of wild camping next to a very peaceful river. May to October. Covid restrictions dictate numbers/dates 2021.

Pallet Sheds

We occasionally make pallet sheds that are for sale. Contact us for more details.


To find out how to buy our products, please contact us.

Llamedos Farm Honey


Our honey is produced onsite by our bees. It is coarse filtered to retain as much goodness as possible. Very limited supply August only.

Llamedos Farm sheepskin rug

Sheepskin Rugs

We have two types of sheepskin available at the moment. Texel are the plain ones, Jacob's are the black and white. Our skins are sent off to the Welsh Organic Tannery for tanning. They come back beautiful. They make a great pillow when camping.

bags of log firewood


Our firewood is locally sourced within 15 miles of the holding. Mostly hardwood (ash) supplied in small sacks or builders bags, delivered locally. Some softwood available.

Llamedos Farm Meat Joint

Pork & Lamb

Once grown to a suitable size our meat is prepared by a local family on the Gower peninsula. The faggots are made to the Gower family grannies recipe and sell well. We only do joints/cuts/chops at the moment. We are looking into sausages and burgers.

Llamedos Farm Eggs


We sell eggs but these go as fast as the hens can lay them. We breed our own hens to get coloured eggs. We have blue/green, brown, white and shades in-between.

Llamedos Farm veg box


Veg boxes available by request. We source the produce from Thomas and sons, Carms.